Famed pop & electronic dance artist Tony Chevy is one of the hottest emerging artists of 2017. With his outstanding popular catchy tunes to worldwide shows, Tony is definitely on his way to your local airwaves. With two successful albums under his belt, formerly Gabriel Antonio, Tony Chevy continues his journey to dominate the music industry worldwide and make his way into being one of the most successful independent artists of our time.

From his Caribbean roots to the top of the charts, the 28-year-old Los Angeles-born artist has already earned the coveted title of international superstar. In 2009, Universal Music released Gabriel Antonio’s dynamic debut album, "All Night Long", which garnered much attention due to the popularity of his highly addictive first pop single “I Love The Way" & also his worldwide hit remix of 90’s artist Stevie B's number one smash record "I Wanna Be The One.”

Four years later, He released his follow up self titled second album, GA, featuring the popular summer singles, "One", "Let It Go II" & "Don't Know Me." From his breakthrough album "All Night Long" to his steaming hot single "Blow Up", in just a few short years, Gabriel Antonio helped redefine the path of popular independent music for a new generation.

With the global release of his newest single “Love", Tony Chevy is guaranteed to make his mark on the ever-growing music scene. With tours and international shows being booked, he has already began what will soon be the road to being a worldwide superstar – from sold out shows such as the world famous Nokia Theater in Los Angeles to being the first unsigned artist of all time to ring in the New Year in Mumbai, India at the Hard Rock Live.

Before recording his debut album in 2009, GA released a number of remixes that gained attention from thousands & thousands of fans worldwide. Two of those records have now reached over 20 million hits online, and over 80,000 comments from fans around the world. One of those records, "Lollipop" from Lil Wayne's sixth studio album Tha Carter III, had just been released when Gabriel Antonio made his own version of the killer record.  Labeled online as "Lil Wayne featuring T-Pain", GA was quickly gaining popularity as many people were starting to realize that Lil Wayne nor T-Pain were never on his version of the catchy remix.  

After touring Australia, Gabriel Antonio decided to rebrand himself along with his image and social media, thus creating the Viral Monster of an Artist, Tony Chevy.  His debut single “This Could Be Us” has already reached over 300,000 streams worldwide, over 30,000 shares, and is currently gearing up for the Fall release of his second single, which unsurprisingly is still a mystery.  What we do know is that it will carry a Tropical Island infectious vibe.  Tony Chevy is definitely here to make an impact on today's modern music industry.