Look! It's one of the most Instagram Worthy Locations in New York City.


Pietro Nolita NYC


What a journey to get to one of the most Instagrammable places in New York City. The hot summer day started out in beautiful Times Square. After a lovely breakfast at The Butcher’s Dughter (See post) we took to the streets of Chelsea and Greenwich Village on the search for New York City’s own Pietro Nolita. It took about a 20 -30 minute walk to the location from Butcher’s on Hudson St.

We were greeted by a LINE of influencers, youtubers and bloggers, all lined up to take one of the most famous photos for the Gram.

My Thoughts:
So this place is super small on the outside, and not too too big on the inside. The only way we found it was because everyone was in line to take photos as if there was a celebrity spotting. Once we got to the front, we took about 2-3 minutes to take out photos then we went inside for one of their famous cocktails. I must admit, the drinks were pretty darn tasty! There’s about 3-5 tables inside so of course it’s always packed and if your claustrophobic like me, this is not the place for you to dine. Go by, take that photo, and be on your way to the next spot, or do some window shopping in the Village. I highly recommend going on a day where they have daily markets. I found these awesome pair of Elephant pants for only $20 and some colorful socks for $3! Cant beat a good deal!